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Explore More Our Design of the 11 Grand Chandeliers made for the Royal Grand Church in Apeldoorn, is based on the Authentic models once decorating the main room of the Church. The Chandeliers are made out of different sizes, the biggest of the Chandeliers sizing up to 5 Meters in Height and Diamater. AUTHENTIC CHANDELIER Explore Material Details By Design in cooporation with TEAM LIGHT DYNAMIC The new chandeliers have modern LED technics integrated into their constuction, to create befitting atmospheres. AUTHENTIC CHANDELIER Next Slide AUTHENTIC CHANDELIER Material; Together the fabrication of the eleven chandeliers consist of more than 8000 individual parts composed in to segments, and is over 2200 kg in weight, made primaraly out of steel, aluminium and brass. Go to Decoration Collection AUTHENTIC CHANDELIER A fragment of the 3D Render of the Pre-Production Design